Admission Requirements

An admissions representative or Administrator will discuss the program, including the applicant’s individual motivation and potential for success in training and subsequent employment.

Prospective students complete an application for enrollment, which is reviewed by the Director. Applicants are notified whether they have been accepted prior to the start date of the program and must sign the application for admission and pay the required fees.

No person shall be excluded from participation in programs or be subjected to any form of discrimination because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, disabilities, sex or gender.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Students are expected to maintain the standards of the school in academics, professionalism, and personal achievement.

Students applying for entrance must meet the following admissions requirements:

  1. Pass the Nursing Entrance Test with a net composite score of at least 70%
  2. Submit proof of High School graduation or GED equivalency
  3. Submit a signed Statement of General Health prior to the start of classes
  4. Submit all required forms by the designated deadlines
  5. Attend orientation sessions as scheduled
  6. Pay entrance fees based on the signed agreement.
  7. Sign a statement to the effect that they have not been convicted of a felony.

Upon admission to the program the student MUST submit the following:

  1. Background check
  2. Physical exam document which is current within the last year
  3. Immunizations records (PPD or Chest X-ray, Hepatitis B inoculations)

Credit for Previous Training

Students may request advanced placement when they have documentation that they have attended other licensed programs. Competency examinations will be administered for a fee and students will be placed based on performance on the exam and verification of the previous training.

Class Size

Class size averages 12-24 students. Medical laboratory and clinical classes usually will not exceed twelve (12) students, allowing for safety, personal attention and individualized instruction. In the Clinical area, the ratio is one instructor to 12 students. Students are always supervised by our nursing instructors during lecture as well as clinical training. As stated in the Nursing Board regulations: “The number of program faculty members equals at least one faculty member directly supervising every 12 students unless the written agreement between the program and the agency, facility, or organization providing clinical training sites allows more students, not to exceed 18 students, to be directly supervised by one program faculty member.”

Academic Evaluations

All grades, including didactic, lab, and clinical are administered by Green Cross School of Nursing‘s faculty.

Student Services

Students will receive individual attention and close academic advising from admission to the program, through progression, and graduation from the program.

  1. On the first day of class, the Director of the Nursing Program and the classroom instructors will conduct an orientation. Students are advised of the rules and regulations and introduced to the faculty and staff.
  2. Should students not progress satisfactorily, advising by the instructor will occur. If satisfactory performance is not reached, the student will meet with the instructor and School President. Advising encounters are documented in the student’s record.
  3. Students who experience difficulty meeting financial obligations should arrange to meet with the Financial Advisor to assist with fulfilling their financial obligation to the school.
  4. To facilitate successful progression in the program, the course faculty will assist the student in developing a studying plan.
  5. Students who need additional and more prescriptive tutoring may be charged a minimal tutoring fee. Students are responsible for initiating a tutoring request from their course instructor.
  6. All course faculty will have advising posted hours.

The Exit Examination

Students must achieve a minimum score of 75 on the final National League of Nursing (NLN) examination to graduate. This exam may be taken up to three times. The school will provide a review in order to assist students in learning the material.

Clock Hours

Our Practical Nursing program is a clock hour program. Clock hours is defined as a 50-minute period within a 60 minute period.

Credential Issued

A diploma and final official transcript will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program and satisfies all financial requirements.


A written record of a student’s academic progress will be made available to a student at the end of each course, and while they are enrolled in the program. A student who has withdrawn from the program may request an official copy of their transcript for a $20.00 fee for each requested transcript.

Upon graduation, a student will be provided a final official transcript free of charge. Any additional official transcript requested will be provided at a fee of $ 20.00 dollars for each additional transcript.

There is no guarantee that credits earned at Green Cross School of Nursing will be accepted at other schools.

Placement Assistance

Once students become an LPN graduate, the Green Cross Home Care agency placed them for employment. LPN graduates from the Green Cross School of Nursing are served first. We post employment in the school office before we place an Ad. Green Cross home care services are licensed by the AHCA, and we are a Medicaid and Medicare provider.

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