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Green Cross School of Nursing is committed to being an excellent educational program within the state of Florida. Students work in partnership with faculty to become a licensed practical nurse and to acquire the skills essential to successfully pass the NCLEX examination, obtain licensure as an LPN, and practice as safe, competent, productive professionals. Graduates will be responsive to the health needs of the community by contributing to the reduction of the nursing shortage.

Program Mission

The United States is in the midst of a severe healthcare provider’s shortage. The major issues that seem to be influencing this shortage are multifaceted: steep population growth, an aging workforce, a baby boom bubble that will require intense health care services, limited enrollment opportunities for students at educational institutions offering healthcare training. The Green Cross Practical Nursing program was established, and its mission is to help bridge this labor gap by ensuring a pipeline of highly educated practical nurses that are able to join the health team and contribute to meeting the total needs of the patient.

Program Description

The Practical Nursing Program consists of 15 modules of lecture and clinical courses. They move from simple to complex. Students will be expected to manage the care of one client in the beginning and advance to caring for groups of clients. Students are supervised by their clinical instructors and work under the supervision of the RN preceptor in the clinical setting. Course numbers are assigned a prefix denoting the name of the program and are numbered sequentially. Adjustments to the order of presentation may be made at the discretion of the School Director.

PN1 – Community, Family, and Individual Health Maintenance (HIV/AIDS, CPR are taught in this class) 40 0 40
PN2 – Fundamentals of Nursing I 50 30 80
PN3 – Fundamentals of Nursing II 35 55 90
PN4 – Human Life Span 40 0 40
PN5 – Nutrition 60 0 60
PN6 – Pharmacology and Mathematics Review 90 0 90
PN7 – A & P and Medical Terminology 90 0 90
PN8 – Medical/Surgical Nursing I 30 220 250
PN9- Medical/Surgical Nursing II 30 225 255
PN10-Maternity and Newborn Nursing 30 60 90
PN11 – Pediatric Nursing 30 50 80
PN12-Geriatric Concepts/ Community Health Nursing 35 50 85
PN13 – Mental Health Concepts 25 35 60
PN14 – Vocational Adjustment I 20 0 20
PN15 – Vocational Adjustment II 20 0 20
Total 625 725 1350
PN1 – Community, Family, and Individual Health Maintenance
40 Hours

This course provides the student with knowledge of the health of individuals, families and the community, as well as the nursing implications of health maintenance. Basic human needs, family, culture, stress and adaptations are concepts basic to this course. HIV/AIDS, CPR training is also taught in this course.

PN2 – Fundamentals of Nursing I
50/30 Hours

Students are introduced to principles of medical-surgical nursing for adult patients; it also assists the students in developing basic knowledge and technical skills necessary for beginning patient care. Students are provided hands-on skill practice in the school lab as well as in selected healthcare settings. Prerequisites: None.

PN3 – Fundamentals of Nursing II
35/55 Hours

This course is built on the concepts developed in Fundamentals of Nursing I. It provides a continuation of technical clinical skills competencies. Clinical skills are practiced in a variety of health care settings. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Nursing I.

PN4 – Human Life Span
40 Hours

This course presents the life cycle of human beings from birth through old age, including growth and development of each age group. The student is introduced to the significance of the family as it relates to healthcare perspectives. Prerequisites: None.

PN5 – Nutrition
60 Hours

This course discusses basic principles of nutrition including therapeutic diets. The course enables students to assess and plan healthy diets and encourage food selections that meet the nutritional needs of their clients. Prerequisites: None.

PN6 – Pharmacology and Mathematics Review
90 Hours

This course provides basic concepts relating to the administration of medication and a review of basic mathematical skills. The role and history of regulatory agencies such as the FDA are discussed. Students are introduced to calculations performed in the preparation of medications to be administered to the client. Students have opportunity to learn the fundamentals of medication administration, the nurse’s role in medication administration, understanding medication orders and avoiding medication errors. Adult and pediatric variations are discussed.

PN7 – A & P and Medical Terminology
90 Hours

This 90 hour course examines the essential anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as teaching basic medical terminology suitable for all students of the health occupations. It provides the student with a basic understanding of body functioning essential for the later study of the pathology of disease processes. All organ systems are studied using a variety of instructional delivery methods. Prerequisites: None.

PN8 – Medical Surgical Nursing I
30/220 Hours

This course builds on the concepts and practices learned in Fundamentals of Nursing I & II, introducing the study of nursing process and the practical nurse in the delivery of health care in a variety of settings. Emphasis will be placed on circumstances related to the adult client. Concepts such as legal and ethical considerations, therapeutic communication, body systems dysfunction, diet therapy, medication, and nursing documentation will be presented. Acute and chronic disorders, terminal illness and death will be explored. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Nursing I & II.

PN9 – Medical Surgical Nursing II
30/225 Hours

This course is a continuation of Medical-Surgical Nursing I. Students are placed in a variety of health care agencies for clinical practice objectives. Students are providing care of one to three clients under the direction of a licensed registered nurse. Theory objectives continue to identify physical pathology in the body systems. Discussions of terminal illness, rehabilitation services, pain management, hospice care and death are continued. Prerequisites: Medical-Surgical Nursing I.

PN10 – Maternity and Newborn Nursing Overview
30/60 Hours

This course is designed to provide students with information relating to the care of the client with reproductive diseases and disorders, normal and high risk pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn. Management, needs and nursing care of the mother and newborn throughout the maternity cycle are emphasized. Skills taught in this course include selected therapeutic procedures relating to the care of the client with reproductive issues and the care of the obstetrical patient and the newborn.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Nursing I & II, and Pharmacology

PN11 – Pediatric Nursing

30/50 Hours

Students are introduced to the basic knowledge of pediatric nursing. It teaches the nursing student to provide nursing care, utilizing a family centered approach. It focuses on the premises that children belong to a family, a community, and a culture with a unique psychological, physical, social, spiritual, developmental, and emotional needs. Students are taught to identify and activate emergency pediatric procedures. Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Nursing I & II and Pharmacology.

PN12 – Geriatric Concepts
35/50 Hours

This course provides a theoretical overview of concepts related to the aging adult. It provides an introduction to the impact of aging on society and the health care industry overall. This course investigates the demographics of aging in America, legislative issues affecting older adults as well as the common theories of aging. Body systems, aging, and related nursing interventions complete the course objectives. Prerequisites: A & P, Nutrition, Mental Health Concepts.

PN13 – Mental Health Concepts
25/35 Hours

This course will assist the students in understanding and applying concepts of holistic nursing and caring when assisting clients in developing effective attitudes and behaviors. Concepts related to alterations in mental health behaviors and psychological disorders are presented. Prerequisites: None.

PN14 – Vocational Adjustment I
20 Hours

This course describes the history of nursing as a profession. The role of the licensed practical nurse as a member of the health care team is emphasized. Legal and ethical responsibilities, communication strategies, health and wellness concepts and client education are discussed. Prerequisites: None.

PN15 – Vocational Adjustment II
20 Hours

This course incorporates vocational adjustments for the practical nurse as he/she prepares to enter the workplace. Employability skills, issues surrounding the selection of a job, professional growth through continuing education and professional organizations, legal and ethical issues, as well as communication skills are presented. Prerequisites: Vocational Adjustment I for the Practical Nurse.

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