RN/LPN Remediation Course

With this course, Green Cross School of Nursing aims to help nurses land on a good job opportunity and enhance their career skills. Through education, we can enrich their chances as well as attain personal improvement.

Rationale for Offering this PROGRAM

This Course is intended for:

  • Graduates Nurses who have failed the NCLEX-RN or LPN Licensure Exam one to three or more times.
  • Foreign graduates who have failed the NCLEX-RN or LPN Licensure Exam three or more times and foreign RN Graduates who want didactic and clinical preparation before taking the NCLEX test.
  • Professional Nurses (RN) or (LPN) desire to return to the workforce but cannot get a license without a refresher course and recent clinical practice.
  • Florida Board of Nursing recommendations.

Successful completion of approved Nursing Program by the Florida Board of nursing.

Expected Outcomes:
The school will retrain groups of Professional Nurses /Graduates Nurses (GN) for RN and LPN in Florida who have successfully completed all required coursework in an approved Nursing program but who have not been able to pass NCLEX.

Duration of the Program:
Six ( 6 ) weeks
Continue – Ongoing every 6 weeks

Program Rationale
The purpose of this course is to provide a focused review of nursing knowledge at the level of initial entry into professional practice for GN. The program is designed for those GN/RNs who have not yet passed the NCLEX-RN and/or who plan a return to active practice. The RN/LPN Remediation Program consists of 80 hours of lecture and 96 hours of clinical practice.

At the completion of this course, the student will demonstrate appropriate application of knowledge in a structured or controlled context in the following content areas:
Medical/surgical, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Maternity, Geriatrics, Mental health Concepts, Nursing concepts, Nursing Process and Trends in nursing.

96 H of clinical practice will be delivered in Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility and Nursing Home.

Projected Costs Associated with Offering this Course

Professional nursing:

GN/RN Course   $ 1500.00
Clinical   $ 500.00
Books and other cost   $ 200.00
GN/LPN Course   $ 1500.00
Clinical   $ 500.00
Books and other cost   $ 200.00

Course Outcome Assessment
Entrance test at the beginning of the course GN/RN level of nursing knowledge and comprehension:
At the completion of each course.
At the completion of the class.

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